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Medical Internet Marketing Services by JD Media Surge, LLC

Done properly, our Medical Internet Marketing Services can grow your revenue and turn your website into an Online Authority and Lead Generating Media Asset that generates a track-able flow of new patients each month!

JD Media Surge, LLC is a Medical Internet Marketing Agency that is generating incredible results and trusted by Doctors, Surgeons, other Medical Professionals, and even 20+ Minnesota Lawyers.

We specialize in providing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services which are white-labeled by other marketing agencies and include: Medical SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), and Local Maps Optimization.

To learn more, take one minute now to watch the video above. Then, view this Infographic to see how SEM works.

Sign up now to get our white paper ‘The 7 Little Secrets to Medical Internet Marketing‚Äė and discover How to Get More New Patients and how you too can Grow Your Medical Practice’s Revenue by 30% in the next 6 months!

“Your white paper has really helped focus my thoughts on marketing my medical practice online.” ~Dr. Benjamin Sevitt

“great marketing strategies for doctors.” ~Dr. Trifinia Ashmon-Ebede

Search Engine Marketing

SEM Analysis

SEM Analysis

Want to know how many new patients you can expect from search engine marketing? Request Your SEM ANALYSIS Today!

Medical SEO Services

Medical SEO

Our Medical SEO Services can get your website top Google Rankings, trusted online visibility and attract the more profitable new patient types! See how here...

PPC Management

PPC Management

Scale your online marketing efforts with a Google Adwords PPC campaign and quickly get more new patient leads! Learn more...

Local Search Marketing

Local Maps Optimization

Generate new patients by being well ranked on Google+ local and highly visible on the other important maps too! Read more...


Internet Marketing Services

Medical Practice Website Design

Medical Website Design

Come see what an SEO friendly website looks like that Converts More Website Visitors into New Patients! Learn more...

Reputation Mangement

Reputation Management

When a new patient Google's your name or practices name what shows up? Learn we can help Enhance Your Online Reputation...

Competitive SEO Analysis

Competitive SEO Analysis

Let us show you (literally) what your competitors are doing right to out perform your website in the search engines. Learn more...

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing Services can help turn your patients into loyal followers and fans! Learn more...

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