Healthcare Marketing Trends and Predictions For 2013

by James Dreesen

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The way we do things has simply changed over the years. Everything is now being run by technology and smartphones are a major part of our everyday lives. As these new technologies become common place, it’s only right that the way healthcare is marketed changes as well. So in 2013, the way many medical practices are run will inevitably change.

Files and filing cabinets are becoming a way of the past, and more and more companies are using computers to store all their patients information. It’s a lot easier to access, and there won’t be as many mix ups while doing it this way. So if you are a healthcare professional or administrator, there are a few new things that you need to watch out for the upcoming season.

As there are many video conferencing programs readily available, some patients will now be able to chat with a nurse or a doctor via Skype. This particular type of care was unveiled in 2012, and in 2013 it is bound to become even more well known. A few physicians all over the United States are offering “Skype Sessions” where they will conference with the new patient, without either one leaving their specific location.

Some are even offering office visits via Skype as well. It’s best to know about this to know if this will be a option for your practice or hospital. These particular types of services are usually free or have a relatively low fee. Everyone simply likes convenience and things done quickly these days, so you have to keep up. Healthcare marketing trends can change depending upon what the hot item is at the time, so it’s best to always be in the know.

Another very popular healthcare marketing trends are social media sites devoted to illnesses and health. There have been a few sites popping up that are solely dedicated to symptom tracking, meaning patients can simply sit at their comfort of their computer and find out what ailment they may be suffering from. If your practice is interested in something like that then there are many sites that are still in Beta mode, that could use a great team of physicians and nurses on their sides.

smartphones in 2013Smartphones aren’t left out of these healthcare marketing trends either. There are apps that range from Dental to Medical, and the patients will be able to correspond with the particular dentist or doctor via the app. They will be able to ask questions, set up appointments and even pay bills and get reminders as well.

If you think you are interested in creating an app for your particular practice then you should definitely get in touch with an app developer and then inform all of your patients about it. As things are advancing so rapidly these days, you definitely need to keep up or you’ll simply get left behind.

Healthcare marketing trends simply change depending upon what the hot item is at the time. For the moment everyone is all about their laptops, video calls and smartphone applications. Which is why many practices and hospitals are advancing as well, and simply creating easier ways for their patients to have access to instant healthcare. By doing this, everyone is able to keep their health well while still going on with their busy schedules as well.

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Grant Williams December 27, 2012 at 5:45 pm

I never really took into consideration exactly what the Internet’s impact would have on medical profession. I think the “information superhighway” has given people even more of a propensity to shop around for their medical care. If we can effectively utilize this technology, We will see a whole lot of new business to our practice, as well as keep what we already have.


Mr. Marketing Man December 27, 2012 at 6:15 pm

there is a lot of money to be made in this field. As more and more doctors decide to go online, the tendency to communicate with your doctor solely through in person visits or on the phone will start to decrease. It’s a new world we are living in.


Derek Hermen December 28, 2012 at 8:02 am

The technology definitely is developing. I can see this trend strongly. More and more people are turning to their web browser, rather than a close personal friends to determine what medical provider to use next. I think it’s about time that we step on board.


Alex Hart December 31, 2012 at 9:20 am

You are absolutely right. As the technology changes, in order to keep your practice relevant and in front of customers, you’re going to have to change with it. One of the best ways to utilize this technology to drive new patients to your practice is to use Google Maps and Google Places. I have found myself on many different occasions using Google in order to find whatever I needed. So I can say from experience, it will definitely guide people to you. Great article!


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